2015-2016 Work Plan

Discussion Group CRTC-OLMC


  1. Revalidation of the group’s mandate and composition
  2. Let's Talk TV and review of television broadcasting regulation
  3. CRTC monitoring of compliance by Broadcasters and BDU’s (CBC/Radio-Canada, TV5-Unis, cable carriers, Shaw, Bell)
  4. Access to broadband Internet and download/upload speeds
  5. Review of the new media platforms exemption
  6. Videotron and the creation of an English-language community channel in Quebec
  7. CRTC reporting requirements
  8. Research support

Group mandate

Governance and membership

Coordination between OLMCs and the CRTC

Resources and funding / research support

CRTC processes / Acts and Regulations

Policy and regulatory reviews


Other priorities

Communities Represented in the OLMC-CRTC Group

Francophone and Acadian Communities of Canada

Quebec's Anglophone community

Bilingual groups

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