CRTC renews licences of most English-language television services: New licence terms to bolster funding for original Canadian programs

OTTAWA-GATINEAU, July 27, 2011 — Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) renewed the licences of all English-language television services operated by Rogers Media until 2014, and the licences of the services operated by Bell Media, Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media until 2016.

Over the next five years, Bell Media, Corus Entertainment and Shaw Media must allocate at least 30 per cent of gross annual revenues to the production of Canadian programs. They must also direct at least 5 per cent of these expenditures to finance programs of national interest, with the exception of Corus Entertainment who will have to allocate at least 9 per cent of gross annual revenues.

Consequently, during the five years of their renewed licence terms, these companies will invest billions of dollars in original Canadian programming. In the first year alone, using forecasts based on revenues for the previous three years, these large ownership groups will spend approximately $774 million on Canadian programs.

Given that Rogers Media owns a smaller number of specialty services, the CRTC has determined that its new licensing approach, developed specifically for large ownership group with multiple specialty channels, cannot be applied to Rogers. Instead, the CRTC renewed its licences for a three-year period and imposed different spending requirements for Canadian programming. Rogers Media will have to spend at least 23% of gross annual revenues on Canadian programming for its conventional television stations. As a result, Rogers Media will not have the flexibility to shift financial resources between its television services to meet its spending requirements.

Additionally, in the first two years of its renewed licence term, Rogers Media must direct 2.5% of these expenditures to programs of national interest and 2.5% on new local programming. In the last year of the renewed licence term, the spending level on programs of national interest will rise to 3% while the spending level on local programming may decrease to 2%.

Using forecasts based on revenues for the previous three years, Rogers Media will spend approximately $106 million on Canadian programs in the first year of its licence term.

Today’s decision follows a proceeding that included a public hearing, which was held from April 4 to 15, 2011.

Group-based approach

The CRTC’s group-based approach was established in response to an evolving broadcasting industry, where a few large groups now control both conventional television stations and specialty and pay services. In addition, many specialty and pay services have become highly profitable, while the profitability of conventional stations has been declining.

The approach requires the ownership groups to invest in Canadian programming, including programs of national interest such as drama and comedy series, documentaries and award shows that promote Canadian culture. At the same time, the qualifying ownership groups have more flexibility to shift their Canadian content spending requirements between their various television services to meet their regulatory stipulations.


Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-441
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-444
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-445
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-446
Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2011-447


The CRTC is an independent public authority that regulates and supervises broadcasting and telecommunications in Canada.

Reference documents:
Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2010-952
Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-167
News release, “CRTC unveils a new group-based television regulatory policy,” March 22, 2010


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Additional information on the large English-language private ownership groups

Below is a list of English-language television services whose expenditures on Canadian programming, including programs of national interest, will count towards the large ownership groups’ overall spending requirements. The services are operated by Bell Media, Corus Entertainment, Rogers Media and Shaw Media.

Note: DT = digital transmitter

Bell Media
Conventional services

Province Station Transmitters
British Columbia CIVT-DT Vancouver  
CIVI-DT Victoria CIVI-DT-2 Vancouver
Alberta CFCN-DT Calgary CFCN-TV-1 Drumheller
CFCN-TV-2 Banff
CFCN-TV-6 Drumheller
CFCN-TV-13 Pigeon Mountain
CFCN-TV-14 Harvie Heights
CFCN-TV-15 Invermere, B.C.
CFCN-TV-16 Oyen
CFWL-TV-1 Invermere, B.C.
CFCN-DT-5 Lethbridge CFCN-TV-3 Brooks
CFCN-TV-4 Burmis
CFCN-TV-8 Medicine Hat
CFCN-TV-9 Cranbrook, B.C.
CFCN-TV-10 Fernie, B.C.
CFCN-TV-11 Sparwood, B.C.
CFCN-TV-12 Moyie, B.C.
CFCN-TV-17 Waterton Park
CFCN-TV-18 Coleman
CFRN-DT Edmonton CFRN-TV-1 Grand Prairie
CFRN-TV-2 Peace River
CFRN-TV-3 Whitecourt
CFRN-TV-4 Ashmont
CFRN-TV-5 Lac La Biche
CFRN-TV-7 Lougheed
CFRN-TV-8 Grouard Mission
CFRN-TV-9 Slave Lake
CFRN-TV-11 Jasper
CFRN-TV-12 Athabasca
CFRN-TV-6 Red Deer CFRN-TV-10 Rocky Mountain House
Saskatchewan CFQC-DT Saskatoon CFQC-TV-1 Stranraer
CFQC-TV-2 North Battleford
CICC-TV Yorkton CICC-TV-2 Norquay
CICC-TV-3 Hudson Bay
CIEW-TV Warmley
CIWH-TV Wynyard
CIPA-TV Prince Albert CIPA-TV-1 Spiritwood
CIPA-TV-2 Big River
CKBQ-TV Melfort
CKBQ-TV-1 Nipawin
CKCK-DT Regina CKCK-TV-1 Colgate
CKCK-TV-2 Willow Bunch
CKCK-TV-7 Fort Qu’Appelle
CKMC-TV Swift Current
CKMC-TV-1 Golden Prairie
CKMJ-TV Marquis
Manitoba CKY-DT Winnipeg CKYA-TV Fisher Branch
CKYB-TV Brandon
CKYB-TV-1 McCreary
CKYD-TV Dauphin
CKYF-TV Flin Flon
CKYS-TV Snow Lake
CKYT-TV Thompson
Ontario CKVR-DT Barrie CKVR-TV-1 Parry Sound
CKCO-DT Kitchener CKCO-TV-2 Wiarton
CKCO-TV-3 Oil Springs
CFPL-DT London CKNX-TV Wingham
CKNY-TV North Bay  
CHRO-DT-43 Ottawa  
CJOH-DT Ottawa CJOH-TV-6 Deseronto
CJOH-TV8 Cornwall
CJOH-TV-47 Pembroke
CHRO-TV Pembroke  
CHBX-TV Sault Ste. Marie CHBX-TV-1 Wawa
CICI-TV Sudbury CICI-TV-1 Elliot Lake
CKNY-TV-11 Huntsville
CITO-TV Timmins CITO-TV-1 Kapuskasing
CITO-TV-2 Kearns
CITO-TV-3 Hearst
CITO-TV-4 Chapleau
CFTO-DT Toronto CFTO-TV-21 Orillia
CFTO-TV-54 Peterborough
CHWI-DT Weatley CHWI-DT-60 Windsor
Quebec CFCF-DT Montreal  
New Brunswick CKCW-DT Moncton CKAM-TV Upsalquitch
CKAM-TV-1 Newcastle
CKAM-TV-2 Chatham
CKAM-TV-3 Blackville
CKAM-TV-4 Doaktown
CKCD-TV Campbellton
CKCW-DT-1 Charlottetown, PEI
CKCW-DT-2 St. Edward/St. Louis, PEI
CKLT-DT Saint John CKLT-TV-1 Florenceville
CKLT-TV-2 Boiestown
Nova Scotia CJCH-DT Halifax CJCH-TV-1 Canning
CJCH-TV-2 Truro
CJCH-TV-3 Valley Colchester County
CJCH-TV-4 Bridgetown
CJCH-TV-5 Sheet Harbour
CJCH-TV-6 Caledonia
CJCH-TV-7 Yarmouth
CJCH-TV-8 Marinette
CJCB-TV Sydney CJCB-TV-1 Inverness
CJCB-TV-2 Antigonish
CJCB-TV-3 Dingwall
CJCB-TV-5 Bay St. Lawrence
CJCB-TV-6 Port Hawkesbury

Satellite-to-cable service

Region Service
Maritimes Atlantic Satellite Network

Other services

Specialty services Animal Planet
Book Television
Business News Network
CablePulse 24
The Comedy Network
Discovery Channel
Discovery Science
Discovery World HD
ESPN Classic
Fashion Television Channel
MTV (Canada)
Réseau Info Sports


Corus Entertainment
Conventional services

Province Station Transmitters
Ontario CKWS-DT-1 Brighton  
CKWS-TV Kingston CKWS-TV-3 Smiths Falls
CHEX-TV-2 Oshawa CHEX-TV-1 Bancroft
CHEX-TV Peterborough  
CKWS-TV-2 Prescott  

Other services

Pay services Encore Avenue
Movie Central
Specialty services Country Music Television
Cosmopolitan TV
Sundance Channel
OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network
Treehouse TV
W Movies
W Network


Rogers Media
Conventional services

Province Station Transmitters
British Columbia CKVU-TV Vancouver CKVU-DT Vancouver
CKVU-TV-1 Courtenay
Alberta CKAL-TV Calgary CKAL-TV-1 Lethbridge
CKEM-TV Edmonton CKEM-DT Edmonton
CKEM-TV-1 Red Deer
Manitoba CHMI-TV Portage La Prairie CHMI-DT Portage La Prairie
Ontario CITY-TV Toronto CITY-DT Toronto
CITY-TV-2 Woodstock
CITY-TV-3 Ottawa

Other services

Specialty services The Biography Channel
Outdoor Life Network
Rogers Sportsnet


Shaw Media
Conventional services

Province Station Transmitters
British Columbia CHBC-TV Kelowna CHBC-TV-1 Penticton
CHBC-TV-2 Vernon
CHBC-TV-3 Oliver
CHBC-TV-4 Salmon Arm
CHBC-TV-5 Enderby
CHBC-TV-7 Skaha Lake
CHBC-TV-8 Canoe
CHBC-TV-9Apex Mountain
CHRP-TV-2 Revelstoke
CHAN-TV Vancouver CHAN-DT Vancouver
CHAN-TV-1 Chilliwack
CHAN-TV-2 Bowen Island
CHAN-TV-3 Squamish
CHAN-TV-4 Courtenay
CHAN-TV-5 Brackendale
CHAN-TV-6 Wilson Creek
CHAN-TV-7 Whistler
CITM-TV 100 Mile House
CITM-TV-1 Williams Lake
CITM-TV-2 Quesnel
CIFG-TV Prince George
CHKL-TV Kelowna
CHKL-TV-1 Penticton
CHKL-TV-2 Vernon
CHKL-TV-3 Revelstoke
CISR-TV Santa Rosa
CISR-TV-1 Grand Forks
CKKM-TV Oliver
CKTN-1 Castlegar
CKTN-TV-2 Taghum
CKTN-TV-3 Nelson
CKTN-TV-4 Creston
CHKM-TV Kamloops
CHKM-TV-1 Pritchard
Alberta CICT-TV Calgary CICT-DT Calgary
CICT-TV-1 Drumheller
CICT-TV-2 Banff
CITV-TV Edmonton CITV-DT Edmonton
CITV-TV-1 Red Deer
CISA-TV Lethbridge CISA-DT Lethbridge
CISA-TV-1 Burmis
CISA-TV-2 Brooks
CISA-TV-3 Coleman
CISA-TV-4 Waterton Park
CISA-TV-5 Pincher Creek
Saskatchewan CFRE-TV Regina CFRE-DT Regina
CFRE-TV-2 Fort Qu’Appelle
CFSK-TV Saskatoon CFSK-DT Saskatoon
Manitoba CKND-TV Winnipeg CKND-DT Winnipeg
CKND-TV-2 Minnedosa
Ontario CIII-TV-41 Toronto CIII-DT-41 Toronto
CFGC-TV Sudbury
CFGC-TV-2 North Bay
CIII-TV-2 Bancroft
CIII-TV-4 Owen Sound
CIII-TV-6 Ottawa
CIII-DT-6 Ottawa
CIII-TV-7 Midland
CIII-TV-12 Sault Ste. Marie
CIII-TV-13 Timmins
CIII-TV-22 Stevenson
CIII-DT-22 Stevenson
CIII-TV-27 Peterborough
CIII-TV-29 Oil Springs
CIII-TV-55 Fort Erie
Quebec CKMI-TV-1 Montreal CKMI-DT-1 Montreal
CKMI-TV Quebec
CKMI-DT Quebec
CKMI-TV-2 Sherbrooke
CKMI-DT-2 Sherbrooke
New Brunswick CIHF-TV-2 Saint John CIHF-DT-2 Saint John
CIHF-TV-1 Fredericton
CIHF-DT-1 Fredericton
CIHF-TV-3 Moncton
CIHF-DT-3 Moncton
CIHF-TV-11 Woodstock
CIHF-TV-12 St. Stephen
CIHF-TV-13 Miramichi
CIHF-TV-14 Charlottetown, P.E.I.
CIHF-DT-14 Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Nova Scotia CIHF-TV Halifax CIHF-DT Halifax
CIHF-TV-4 Truro
CIHF-TV-5 Wolfville
CIHF-TV-6 Bridgewater
CIHF-TV-7 Sydney
CIHF-TV-8 New Glasgow
CIHF-TV-9 Shelburne
CIHF-TV-10 Yarmouth
CIHF-TV-15 Antigonish
CIHF-TV-16 Mulgrave

Other services

Specialty services BBC Canada
Food Network Canada
HGTV Canada
History Television
The Independent Film Channel Canada
Movie Time
National Geographic Channel
Showcase Action
Showcase Diva
Twist (formerly Discovery Health Network)
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