Video transcript: What the Wireless Code Means For You

Scene 1: The CRTC asked Canadians to share their concerns about wireless contracts.

Scene 2: Concerns - contracts are too long / bill shock / locked phones / confusing language

Scene 3: We heard what you had to say!

Scene 4: The wireless code sets out your rights as a consumer…

Scene 5: …and the responsibilities of wireless service providers.

Scene 6: How will you benefit from the CRTC’s wireless code?

Scene 7: You will be able to:

Scene 8: Cancel your contract after 2 years without cancellation fees

Scene 9: Cap extra data charges at $50/month and international data roaming charges at $100/month to prevent bill shock

Scene 10: Have your phone unlocked after 90 days

Scene 11: Receive a contract that is easy to understand

Scene 12: The CRTC is ensuring that you can make informed choices in a dynamic marketplace.

Scene 13: The wireless code comes into force on December 2, 2013.

Scene 14: For more information:

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