Data Collection – Guide

Response Manager

Pursuant to Broadcasting Circular CRTC 2007-7, 18 October 2007 and Telecom Circular CRTC 2007-17, 18 October 2007 each legal entity required to submit data via DCS must nominate a Response Manager within its organization to be the single point-of-contact for the Commission in managing the form completion process on behalf of the applicable entity.

Entities that do not have an existing Response Manager or want to change an existing Response Manager must complete the “Response Manager” section of the On-line form.  Our DCS help desk can guide you through the steps for DCS registration.


If you have encountered instructions that you find unclear, terms you find imprecise, or information that you are not quite sure how to estimate, chances are that you're not alone. As a first step please consult the FAQ and Glossary. If that does not clear up your question, please contact one of our analysts, either through the On-line form or by phone. The analysts' areas of responsibility and telephone numbers are listed below.

Other service providers are filling out the same forms, so by consulting with us you can help us update the FAQ, fine-tune the glossary definitions, and improve the process for the industry at large.

We can be reached electronically via our On-line form, by phone at 1-866-845-6036, or by fax at 819-994-0218.

On-Line form

Sector Telephone
Help Desk
DCS help desk 1-866-845-6036
TDD (toll-free) 1-877-909-CRTC (2782)
Broadcasting Survey
Radio 819-639-3168
Discretionary and On-Demand 819-997-4956
Television 819-997-4956
BDU 819-997-4852
Licence Fee Return
Licence Fee Return 819-997-4384
Telecommunications Survey
- Financials 819-997-4676
- Fixed Local & Access 819-997-4590
- Fixed Long Distance 819-997-4590
- Data & Private Line 819-994-4715
- Internet 819-994-4715
- Mobile & Paging 819-997-4676
- Payphone 819-997-4590
REP-T 819-953-2167
Facilities 819-953-2167
Contribution 819-994-2484
Telecommunications Fees 819-994-2484
Digital Media
Digital Media Forms 819-997-1334
Quarterly Survey
Quarterly Forms 1-866-845-6036
Profile Survey
Registration Lists
- International Licences 1-866-845-6036
- Non-Dominant Carrier 819-994-0184
- CLEC 819-994-0184
- Other 819-994-0184
REP-U 1-866-845-6036
Ownership 819-953-8975
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