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National Do Not Call List (DNCL) Status Report

Information updated as of 28 February 2014

Number of Telephone or Fax Numbers Registered on the National DNCL

Total: 12,181,253

Registered per month

This bar graph depicts the number of telephone or fax numbers registered on the National DNCL between December 2013 and February 2014. In December, 31,446 telephone or fax numbers were registered on the National DNCL. In January, 37,719 were registered and in February, 62,595 were registered.

Number of complaints about telemarketing communications

Total: 793,450

Complaints per month

This bar graph depicts the number of complaints about telemarketing communications per month. In December, 6,866 complaints were made. In January, 10,790 complaints were made and in February, 12,442 complaints were made.

Enforcement Activities in February 2014

Investigations:The CRTC groups the complaints about telemarketers that it receives and then conducts investigations into those complaints.

New Investigations: 6

Closed: 15

Active Investigations: 172

Citations: A citation is issued to notify telemarketers that the CRTC has received consumer complaints alleging that the telemarketer has violated the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. The citation identifies the alleged violations and notes the specific corrective action to be taken. The citation sets out the process to be followed should the telemarketer choose to provide a defence. The citation also advises the telemarketer that further violations may result in a notice of violation with the possible imposition of an administrative monetary penalty.

Total issued to date: 204

Notices of Violation:A Notice of Violation is issued where corrective action is not voluntarily taken or where there is a serious breach of the rules and sets out an administrative monetary penalty. 

Issued this month: 0

Total Issued to date: 82

Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs):The CRTC may impose an AMP when a telemarketer is found to be in violation of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules.

Imposed this month: 3

Total AMPs Imposed: 63

Alternative Case Resolutions:CRTC staff may enter into an agreement with a telemarketer containing specific undertakings to implement immediate and ongoing corrective measures. An agreement may be entered into in conjunction with the issuance of a notice of violation and the payment of an AMP; or may require some other form of payment.

Agreements this month: 0

Total agreements to date: 7

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