Calculate Your Cancellation Fees For Your Wireless Contract

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The CRTC's Wireless Code limits the early cancellation fees that wireless service providers can charge.

Here’s how it works.

Did you receive a phone or other
device at a reduced upfront price
(a "device subsidy")?

  • Yes 2
  • No 3

The fee cannot be greater than the
amount of your device subsidy.

The fee must reduce each month
and reach $0 within 24 months.

The fee must decrease by an equal amount each
month, unless it is a tab contract, in which
case it must decrease by either an equal amount
or an equal percentage of your monthly bill.

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If you have a two-year or three-year contract, the fee
is limited to the lower of $50 or 10% of the remaining
monthly charges under your contract. The fee must
reach $0 within 24 months.

If you your contract does not have an
, you cannot be charged a fee.

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Your contract must explain how to calculate your early cancellation fee and the amount by which your early cancellation fee will decrease each month.

If you don't know the exact fee you would pay to cancel today, contact your service provider. If you have a complaint about how much you are being charged to cancel your contract, contact the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS).

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