Broadcast Distribution 2009–2013: Cable, Multipoint Distribution Systems and Direct-to-Home

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Table of Contents


All Services (Basic, Non-basic and Other Services)

Basic and Non-basic Services

Non-programming Services

Exempt Programming


Contributions to the Creation & Production of Canadian Programming


All Services
Basic and non-basic programming services, exempt services and non-programming services such as Internet access and telephony services.
Basic & Non-Basic Services
Basic programming service packages provided by distributors. Non-basic revenues include discretionary programming service packages provided by distributors (programming services not on the basic service).
Non programming services
Leased channels, Internet access and telephony services.
Exempt programming services
Revenue derived from classified advertising, teleshopping and general services, and infomercials.



This report presents statistical and financial data compiled from the annual returns of Broadcast Distribution Undertakings (BDUs) for the broadcast year ended 31 August 2013. Section I provides data for cable distribution undertakings summarized as: all services; combined basic and non-basic programming services; non-programming services; and exempt programming services. Section II presents statistical and financial data for Direct-to-Home (DTH) and Multipoint Distribution System (MDS) undertakings. Section III provides statistical and financial data of the contributions to the creation and production of Canadian programming.

Local Programming Improvement Fund

BDUs are required to contribute 1% of gross revenue from broadcasting activities to this fund. This expense is included as a separate line item in the "All Services" section.

Limitation on data collected

Annual returns for the broadcast year ended 31 August 2013 were required to be filed with the Commission by 30 November 2013. This report does not include financial and statistical data for annual returns not received up to the date of publication. The statistical and financial information reported for prior years has been updated to reflect any additional or adjusted information received by the Commission subsequent to the date of prior years' publications.


Due to confidentiality of data, individual provincial data are not available.


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