Commercial Radio 2009–2013: National Statistics, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Markets

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Table of Contents

Statistical and Financial Summaries

Radio AM / FM - Canada

Radio AM - Canada

Radio FM - Canada

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Major Markets




Large Markets (Population over 500,000)




Ottawa-Gatineau - FM

Québec City - FM


Medium Markets (Population 250,000 to 500,000)






Other Medium Markets (Oshawa/Windsor) - Aggregate

Small Markets (Population under 250,000)

Small Markets



This report presents statistical and financial information on the commercial radio industry as provided by licensees in their annual returns for the broadcast year ended August 31, 2013. Section I provides information on the new stations that commenced operation in 2013. The reporting units are comprised of commercial radio and commercial licensees holding ethnic, commercial religious specialty or religious commercial radio licences. Section II.A provides the summary information for all AM and FM stations. Section II.B provides summary information for AM stations and Section II.C provides the summary information for FM stations. Section II.D includes summary information provided by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for radio stations segregated by AM and FM stations as well as by region.

In Broadcasting Public Notice CRTC 2006-159, the Commission indicated that it would release aggregate data on small, medium and large markets on an annual basis in order to provide the broadcasting industry with current and meaningful data on the health of individual radio markets. This report presents statistical and financial summaries on the private commercial radio industry by market for the broadcast year ended August 31, 2013 with comparative information for the four previous years.

Section III provides statistics for the major markets: Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Section IV provides statistics for large markets where the population is greater than 500,000. These markets are Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Ottawa-Gatineau, Québec City and Winnipeg. Section V provides statistics for medium markets where the population is between 250,000 and 500,000. The medium markets are comprised of Halifax, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Ste-Catherines/Niagara, and Victoria. Two medium markets, Oshawa and Windsor, have been aggregated for confidentiality reasons. Finally, Section VI provides statistics for the small markets where the population is under 250,000. Market size is based on population over twelve years of age.

Some markets are deemed confidential based on the number of ultimate owners. Only markets with more than two ultimate owners are released. Also, in cases where there are less than three undertakings, statistics are not provided to preserve the confidentiality of the individual undertakings.

Individual market summaries exclude radio networks, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation stations and AM stations in markets where confidentiality would be compromised. Similarly, the language breakdown for AM stations and for FM stations in small markets is not provided.

Prior years’ financial information has been updated to reflect revisions to data received subsequent to the respective dates of publication.

Data in this report is subject to change as the Commission receives additional or revised information.

Statistical Analysis

There were 13 new stations reporting in the 2013 broadcast year.

New stations reporting in 2013:





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