Let's Talk TV: We Heard You!



Read the speech by CRTC Chairman Jean-Pierre Blais from January 29, 2015 in which he talks about the future of TV in Canada.



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You talked, we listened

We’ve heard what you had to say and changes are coming. Here are the decisions that have been issued so far.

Simultaneous substitution

Simultaneous substitution is the temporary replacement of the signal of one TV channel with another channel that’s showing the same program at the same time.

We are prohibiting simultaneous substitution for the Super Bowl starting at the end of the 2016 NFL season (i.e., Super Bowl 2017). We are also putting in place regulatory measures to prevent substantial and avoidable simultaneous substitution errors.

Over-the-air (OTA) stations

You can access high-quality television for free by simply using an antenna. If you choose not to pay for cable or satellite subscriptions, you can still have free access to your local television stations, many of which are available in high definition with minimal one-time equipment costs. Find out more about over-the air television broadcasting and our policy on over-the-air transmission of TV signals and local programming.

No more 30-day cancellation policies

Service providers are no longer allowed to require customers to provide 30 days’ notice when cancelling services. Get more information about changing service providers and our policy prohibiting 30-day cancellation policies.

What was said during the conversation

Let's Talk TV: A Conversation with Canadians was launched in October 2013. We held a public hearing in September 2014. Check out the notice of consultation and other important documents to see what was said.

Decisions at a glance

Infographic on the first decisions have been published for Let's Talk TV. They include: Simsub (consequences for mistakes and live Super Bowl ads at the end of the 2016 season); Over-The-Air (free high-quality TV!); and 30 day cancellation policy (no more cancellation fees!). More decisions to come!

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