Let's Talk TV: A Conversation with Canadians

In October 2013, the CRTC began the Let’s Talk TV initiative, we invited you to share your views on the programming available on TV, how you receive that programming. We also asked whether you have enough information to find solutions if you are not satisfied. We then invited you to fill out the Let’s Talk TV: Choicebook, an interactive questionnaire based on what you told us.

In our Notice of Consultation, we suggested major changes to the television system based on what we’ve learned from you. Among other things, we propose to offer you more choices and flexibility in the way you subscribe to television services. You had until June 27 to tell us what you think. We thank you for your participation, and invite you to take a look at the comments submitted. The next step consists of a public hearing to take place Gatineau, in the National Capital Region, beginning on September 8, 2014. More details about the hearing will be available soon.

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