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Canadian Numbering and Dialing Plan

CSCN Adjunct to the CISC Administrative Guidelines

Numbering Plan exhaust issues

  • Central Office Code (NXX) Assignment Guideline, Version 10.1 dated 29 April 2015
    • Part 1 - (MS Word) Central Office Assignment Request Forms
    • Part 2 - (MS Word) Routing and Rating Information
    • Part 3 - (MS Word) Administrator's Response/Confirmation Form
    • Part 4 - (MS Word) Confirmation of Code Activation Form
    • Appendix A - (MS Word) Audits
    • Appendix B - (MS Word) Months to Exhaust Certification Worksheet (14 May 2010)
    • Appendix C - (MS Word) Timelines
    • Appendix D - (MS Word) Plant Test Codes
    • Appendix E - (MS Word) Location Routing Numbers
    • Appendix F - (MS Word) Aging and Administration of Disconnected Telephone Numbers
    • Appendix G - (MS Word) Reserved and Held Telephone Numbers - 29 September 2003
    • Appendix H - (MS Word) Special Administrative Practises with respect to Failing Service Providers

800 Toll Free calling issues

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Miscellaneous Guidelines

Other numbering guidelines on Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) website include

Other numbering links

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