Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2012-431

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Route reference: Part 1 applications posted 16 and 17 May 2012

Ottawa, 7 August 2012

Rogers Broadcasting Limited
Sudbury, Ontario

Applications 2012-0580-8 and 2012-0583-1

CJRQ-FM and CJMX-FM Sudbury – Technical changes

1. The Commission approves the applications by Rogers Broadcasting Limited (Rogers) to change the authorized contours of the radio programming undertakings CJRQ-FM and CJMX-FM Sudbury, in order to change the polarization of CJRQ-FM’s antenna, and to increase CJMX-FM’s effective height of antenna above average terrain from 227.5 to 285 metres. All other technical parameters for both stations will remain unchanged. The Commission did not receive any interventions in connection with these applications.

2. Rogers requested these technical changes in order to consolidate the towers used to broadcast both CJRQ-FM and CJMX-FM. The applicant states that the use of a new signal antenna for both stations will improve their coverage and should alleviate future signal failures, which have occurred in the past, due to aging equipment and the severe weather in the Sudbury area.

3. The Commission reminds the licensee that, pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective when the Department of Industry (the Department) notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued. Therefore, in the absence of the notification by the Department, the applicant will not be able to implement the technical changes approved in this decision.

Secretary General

*This decision is to be appended to each licence.