Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2013-499

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Route reference: Part 1 application posted on 19 April 2013

Ottawa, 19 September 2013

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Inuvik and Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories

Application 2013-0591-2

CHAK Inuvik – New transmitter at Fort McPherson

1. The Commission approves the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) to amend the broadcasting licence for the English-language radio programming undertaking CHAK Inuvik, Northwest Territories, to operate a low-power FM transmitter at Fort McPherson to replace the existing AM transmitter CBQM Fort McPherson. The CBC also requested authorization to simulcast the programming of CHAK on CBQM for a period of 1 month to ensure proper coverage during the transition. The licensee submitted that this change will provide better coverage for listeners of the station. The Commission did not receive any interventions regarding this application.

2. The new transmitter will operate at 99.9 MHz (channel 260LP) with an average effective radiated power of 50 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 61 metres).

3. The CBC is authorized, by condition of licence, to continue operating the AM transmitter for a period of three months following the commencement of operation of the new FM transmitter. The licensee must cease operating its AM transmitter CBQM after this period.

4. The Commission reminds the licensee that pursuant to section 22(1) of the Broadcasting Act, this authority will only be effective when the Department of Industry (the Department) notifies the Commission that its technical requirements have been met and that a broadcasting certificate will be issued.

5. Given that the technical parameters approved in this decision are for a low-power unprotected FM service, the Commission also reminds the licensee that it will have to select another frequency if the Department so requires.

6. The transmitter must be operational at the earliest possible date and in any event no later than 24 months from the date of this decision, unless a request for an extension of time is approved by the Commission before 19 September 2015. In order to ensure that such a request is processed in a timely manner, it should be submitted in writing at least 60 days before that date.

Secretary General

*This decision is to be appended to the licence.