The CRTC Wireless Code

The CRTC created the Wireless Code to make it easier for you - as an individual or a small business - to understand the contracts for your cellphone and other mobile devices.

The Wireless Code explains your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of wireless services.

The Wireless Code establishes new standards that all wireless service providers must follow. The Wireless Code applies to all new contracts signed as of December 2, 2013. It also applies to existing contracts that are renewed or extended, or where the key terms are amended, as of December 2, 2013. In addition, the code will apply to all wireless contracts as of June 3, 2015, regardless of when they were signed.

Know your rights

The Wireless Code: What it means for you

We have developed the following tools to help you better understand your rights:

Tweet Chat

CRTC Chairman, Jean-Pierre Blais took to Twitter on December 2, 2013 to answer your questions about the Wireless Code. View the transcript.

The Tweet Chat was held in French on the same day using the hashtag #CodeSansFil.

About the Code

Play video - How do you benefit from the CRTC's Wireless Code

Read the transcript

The CRTC’s decision explains how and why the Wireless Code was created.

* A motion for leave to appeal certain aspects of the Wireless Code has been filed with the Federal Court of Appeal

Service Provider Reporting

Service providers must file reports showing how they meet the Wireless Code’s requirements. View the reports.

Wireless Service Providers can file their reports via their MyCRTC Account using the Broadcasting and Telecom Cover Page. Reference the Wireless Code file number (8665-C12-201212448).