Status Report - Complaints Related to Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMPs)

Information updated as of 31 December 2014

The CRTC received 43 ITMP complaints during the past year.

Figure 1: Total retail ITMP complaints received by quarter for the past year

Figure 1 contains four bar graphs. The bar graph on the far left illustrates the total number of complaints received by the CRTC pursuant to Review of Internet traffic management practices, Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2009-657 during Q1 2014. 11 complaints were received. The second bar graph illustrates that 10 complaints were received during Q2 2014. The third bar graph illustrates that 6 complaints received during Q3 2014. The fourth bar graph illustrates that 16 complaints received during Q4 2014.

Activity from September to December 2014:

Active complaints as of 30 September 2014: 4

Total complaints received this quarter: 16

Active complaints as of 31 December 2014: 9

Closed* this quarter: 11

Forwarded to Compliance and Enforcement** this quarter: 0

*Closed complaints include complaints where CRTC staff has determined that the ISP is compliant with the CRTC’s policies, or the ISP has come into compliance subsequent to the complaint, and therefore the complaint is resolved; complaints that have been closed due to insufficient information received from the complainant; and complaints related to practices other than an ISP’s use of ITMPs. 

**The Telecommunications branch may forward a file to the CRTC’s Compliance and Enforcement branch, as outlined in Telecom Information Bulletin 2011-609.

For more information please see How to make a complaint about Internet service.