How to apply for Canadian Program Certification

Is your production high impact?

To help reduce the barriers to certifying risky to produce, high impact productions, we’re ready to waive some of criteria from the regular certification process. Read more about our Pilot Project.

If your production is independently produced and meets certification requirements as a Canadian program, you can apply to the CRTC for Canadian Program Certification.

Certain conditions have to be met before you can file your application: the production must be underway, all key creative personnel have to be under contract and committed budgets must be in place.

How to download an application form

You must submit a separate application form for each production or series.

  1. Select one of the Canadian Program Certification application forms.
  2. Under File, select Save As. Save the form to your personal computer.
  3. Right-click on the document icon you saved on your computer, then select Edit to open a word processor.
  4. Complete the document and save.

When you download an application form, you’ll see a file folder and the document. You don’t need to open the folder; it contains two images that appear on the electronic form (the CRTC logo and Canada wordmark).

How to submit an application online

Submit your application online using the Canadian Program Certification Application Cover Page and by following these steps:

  1. Complete the application form and create any supporting documents.
  2. Attach files, if applicable.
  3. Log in to My CRTC Account. If you do not have a My CRTC Account, you can register when submitting your Cover Page.
  4. Submit your Cover Page, application form and any other files, if applicable.

New users: If this is your first submission to the Commission, obtain an activation code before you submit your application online. Obtain your activation code from the CRTC at 1-866-893-0932 or TTY (toll-free) 1-877-909-2782, Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 07:00 to 19:00, Eastern Time.

To ensure your application is processed, complete every line of the form. All applicable supporting documents and schedules identified in the checklist must also be attached.

Only the most recent online form from the CRTC website will be accepted. Forms that are completed by hand, incomplete or modified will not be accepted.

Use the following guides to help you submit the application correctly:

Naming files

File names should include a brief description of the document content. For example, "Doc1-Application", "Doc2-Schedule 3, Mr. Smith’s affidavit", and so forth.

Who to contact

For all general inquiries regarding Canadian Program Certification, including questions about certification forms or the status of your application, please contact: Janie Bertrand, Support Specialist, at 819-997-4699.

Check Support for My CRTC Account section for further help with My CRTC Account.

For questions about our Certification Policy, please contact: Michael Craig, Manager of Certification for Canadian Programs, at 819-997-9394.