The National Do Not Call List and Cellphone Numbers

There is an e-mail circulating through Canada and the U.S. stating that all cellphone numbers will be released to telemarketers and that all cellphones should be registered on the National Do Not Call List (DNCL). Some of the information in the e-mail is incorrect: cellphone numbers will not be released to telemarketers.

Will cellphone numbers be released to telemarketers?

No – wireless telephone providers would require the permission of each of their subscribers before they could create or release a directory of cellphones. Consequently, a national cellphone directory is not available.

Can cellphone numbers be registered on the National DNCL?

Yes – any phone or fax number can be registered on the National DNCL. Registration lasts for five years.

Should I register my cellphone on the National DNCL?

It’s a personal choice. If you are currently receiving telemarketing calls on your cellphone and don’t want any telemarketers to call you, then you can register on the National DNCL.

Related information

“No truth to rumor that cell phone numbers will be made available to telemarketers” Federal Communications Commission (U.S.)